The “2 x 12 = 24” experiment by the Stretford Dogs Club

One of my best mates – Alberto Sampler – wassap’ed me and told me to check on this guy. Here is a thing i found interesting:

In 2011, Stretford Dogs Club has released every month a 2 hour mix pushing both new and old music or whatever he found interesting, therefore creating 12 x 2 hour mixes. Each mix carries on from where the previous month finished, hence creating a 24 hour mix across the space of 12 months : A Day In a Dogs Life – Stretford Dogs Club 2011 – Unleashed.

You may like or not the sets. Personally I found the experiment’s result as an admirable amount of work in which if you dig in just a bit, you will find colourfull jewels from now and from the past. SDC mixes one entire journey for you, enjoy the day!

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