Fudge Fingas

Again diggin’ Fudge’s selection of analog-organic tunes. No words, just listen to it!

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Dresden Rocks: Uncanny Valley

Big fan of UV, Dresden-based label from which every release is something overwelming. Quality sound and style-melting attitude. Be ready for the next two releases from Credit 00 and Break SL.


Check this one from Slices:



And listen the last release soon out:

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Firecracker Recordings – True attitude

Every label on Earth should think about what they are doing after getting to know this guys based in Edinburgh. Just bought the two last EP’s and I can’t wait to receive them at home and smell the ink on their covers while I play them. First listen the music that they’re publishing and tell me that is not coming from another dimension, then check how their vinyl production process is like.

If you want additional info or you wanna follow them like them on facebook.

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S. V. Junior
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The “2 x 12 = 24” experiment by the Stretford Dogs Club

One of my best mates – Alberto Sampler – wassap’ed me and told me to check on this guy. Here is a thing i found interesting:

In 2011, Stretford Dogs Club has released every month a 2 hour mix pushing both new and old music or whatever he found interesting, therefore creating 12 x 2 hour mixes. Each mix carries on from where the previous month finished, hence creating a 24 hour mix across the space of 12 months : A Day In a Dogs Life – Stretford Dogs Club 2011 – Unleashed.

You may like or not the sets. Personally I found the experiment’s result as an admirable amount of work in which if you dig in just a bit, you will find colourfull jewels from now and from the past. SDC mixes one entire journey for you, enjoy the day!

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Racinger, a great local DJ here in Mallorca introduced me to Vakula. This guy from Ukraina has created amazing sound lanscapes, he can also lower quite a lot the pH of his productions as heard above. I already added 2 of his records to my shopping trolley at Decks.

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The Nederlandish Juju & Jordash are the first that came to my mind when I though of posting for the first time, maybe because I was just listening to this set from 2009 (playlist included!), maybe because I just find unbelievable their productions, taste and mixes.

Recently they have started a project with the famous Move D with the aka MMH –  Magic Mountain High – A full-on analogic live set. Here is one recording from one of my top 3 clubs in Berlin, About:Blank.

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